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As a company in the field of radio frequency technology, Becker Nachrichtentechnik GmbH offers an entry point in a future-oriented field of expertise. In our Team you will be able to deploy your expertise in a challenging discipline. Join our Team, create new ideas and help us devolp products and systems from the very beginnings to the finished soultion.

Current Job Offers

21-05-04_BNT_Stellenausschreibung_Elektroniker.pdfYour qualifications

- Education as technician for devicees and systems, or similar
- Good knowledge in electronics
- Basic knowledge in RF technology
- Safely using RF measuring equipment
- Solid communication skills in English

Your tasks

- Test and commissioning of our devices and systems
- Production of mechanics and electronics
- Documentation with the ERP system

We offer you

- Work self-reliantly in our innovative, forward-thinking team
- Flexible and dynamic working atmosphere at our modern workplaces
- Individual responsibility and space for your own ideas
- Good salary including additional money for holiday and christmas bonus

Apprenticeship as Electronics Technican

During the three and a half years of education, the electronics technican for devices and systems learns how to produce and check electronic assemblies and devices. He supports the development and construction and helps manufacturing our products. He will get to know the following departments: Hardware developement, software developement, construction, production and quality check.

- dual training at professional school and company
- start of apprenticeship : august
- duration of training: 3.5 years

- supporting project planning and developement
- back-up activities at hard- and software developement
- technical documentation
- mechanical and electrical construction
- manufacturing of devices and prototypes

- good second modern school qualification or high-school diploma
- good grades in mathematics and physics
- knowledge of the german language
- interest in modern technology
- craftmanship
- good sense for responsibility and accuracy

Bachelor or Master Thesis

We offer bachelor or master theses for students studying information technology, electrical engineering, or related courses. We are open to adapt the suggested topics to the applicant's requirements.

Short description

The 5G mmWave Up-Down-Converter converts RF signals between the upper 5G FR2 and the lower 5G FR1 frequency band. This enables singal generation in the 5G FR2 range and signal analysis of 5G FR2 signals using measuring equipment up to 6 GHz.


- Controlling the Up-Down-Converters
- Controlling the PLL Synthesizers
- Create a graphical user interface
- Testing the Up-Down-Converters using LTCC filters
- Assessment of the RF specifications using network analyzer, spectrum analyzer and signal generator
- Optimization

Key data

- Bachelor or master theses are possible
- Duration of 24 weeks (practical/experimental work + thesis)
- Flexible start date

Short Description

The 5G mmWave up-down converter can be used to convert RF signals between the higher 5G FR2 frequency range and the lower 5G FR1 frequency range. This implementation enables the generation of signals in the 5G FR2 range as well as the analysis of 5G FR2 components with measuring equipment in the frequency range up to 6 GHz.


- Control of the up-down converter
- Control of the PLL synthesizer
- Creation of a graphical user interface
- Test of the up-down converter using LTCC filters
- Metrological determination of the HF properties (specifications) using network analyzers, spectrum analyzers and signal generators
- Optimization of the circuit properties

Key Facts202102_BNT_Abschlussarbeit_5G_mmWave_Up-Down-Converter.pdf

- The thesis can be designed as a bachelor's or master's thesis
- Duration of 24 weeks (practical phase + bachelor thesis or master thesis)
- Start of work immediately or by arrangement

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