Dual Channel Receiver

The PAR-RX is a RF front-end which was specially designed for the professional signal conditioning of DAB3 and DVB-T signals. For demanding application in the field, the PAR-RX offers best dynamic properties and excellent frequency accuracy. PAR-RX covers the frequency ranges DAB3 (174 MHz…229 MHz) and DVB-T (474 MHz…786 MHz). For digital processing, the received signals are converted to a fixed IF frequency by internal local oscillators (LOs). As a frequency reference, the PAR-RX offers an internal OCXO and a GNSS receiver. The GNSS receiver is able to handle GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou navigation standards. Via the GNSS receiver, the OCXO is frequency stabilized to GNSS navigation systems. For remote control operation, the device offers a LAN interface.


Low Distortion Mode

In receiving applications with very strong signal levels, the PAR-RX has the „LOW distortion“-mode. In this setting, the receiver offers properties matched to the difficult receiving situation. For the detection of strong in-band signals, in each receiving channel a wideband detector is available.

Adjustable Gain

Both signal channels of the PAR-RX can be varied in gain, independent of the operation mode.
The variation range of the gain covers approx. 30 dB and is controlled by remote interface.

Selftest Function

For the automatic remote control operation, the PAR-RX is equipped with self-test functionalities.
Thus the device offers important information which is needed for remote maintenance.

Internal Generating of Sample Clocks

Additionally, the PAR-RX offers sample clock outputs for the control of external A/D converters for a digital processing. The frequency accuracy of the sample clocks is referenced to the GNSS standards as well.


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